FD-1200 Freeze Dryer

FD-1200 freeze drying equipment is suitable for large freeze drying application. Shelf area: 120m2, loading capacity 1200kg/batch. Freeze-drying equipment capacity; Application of freeze-drying equipment is food; There are many benefits of freeze drying technology.

  • Model:: FD-1200
  • Input capacity:: 1200kg/batch
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FD-1200 freeze drying equipment

FD-1200 is a special model, no stock sometimes. Its working principle is the same as other large freeze-drying equipment. It is suitable for freeze drying of food. The shelf area is 120m2, and the processing capacity is 1200kg/batch. It is an ideal size in terms of transportation. This model of freeze-drying equipment can be customized. KEMOLO is one of the main manufacturers and suppliers of freeze-drying equipment, with sufficient production capacity to provide you with high-quality lyophilization equipment.

The working principle of freeze-drying equipment

Freeze drying equipment is composed of vacuum chamber, refrigeration system, vacuum system, heating system and control system. The principle of freeze-drying is the sublimation of ice.

Freeze drying equipment capacity

KEMOLO provides industrial-grade freeze-drying equipment, with fresh material processing capacity (input) from 50kg to 50 tons, and a common model of a single machine from 50KG to 2500KG. The larger capacity is a combination of multiple freeze-drying equipment.

Advantages of KEMOLO freeze-drying equipment

1. Professional manufacturer with complete models and large capacity

2, Rich experience in manufacturing freeze drying equipment, high reliability

3. Professional, long-term research, saving energy consumption

4. Global supply, with CE, EAC, ASME, ISO9001 certificates

Application of freeze-drying equipment

Freeze-dried food, freeze-dried fruit snacks, freeze-dried fruit powder,

freeze-dried instant food, freeze-dried coffee, freeze-dried pet food,

freeze-dried milk, freeze-dried biological extracts, etc.

The benefits of freeze drying:

1. Natural products, no additives

2. No preservatives, longer storage time

3. Keep the original color and shape

4. Almost no loss of nutrition

How to look for a correct freeze-drying equipment?

Freeze drying equipment is a kind of professional equipment. Professional equipment should be purchased from professional manufacturers. According to the usage, it is divided into food freeze-drying equipment and pharmaceutical freeze-drying equipment. They are not the same in terms of prices, requirements, and specifications.

Freeze drying equipment is the most promising food drying equipment. Other drying methods are already common and competition is fierce. Freeze-drying is a new industry, and freeze-dried food is the development trend of the food industry and has a prosperous prospect. It will help you quickly open this market, expand your advantages, and increase market share, by adopting KEMOLO freeze-drying equipment.