FD-1000 Freeze Dryer

FD-1000 freeze drying machine is suitable for large food freeze drying application. Shelf area is 100m2, loading capacity 1000kg/batch. KEMOLO FD-1000 freeze drying machine is one of key model and also a hot-selling freeze-drying machine.

  • Model:: FD-1000
  • Input capacity:: 1000kg/batch
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FD-1000 freeze drying machine

FD-1000 freeze drying machine is hot model for food freeze drying application. Input capacity 1000kg/batch. This is a large freeze-drying machine, which is a key model and a best-selling freeze-drying machine model of KEMOLO. For this model of freeze-drying machine, we have sufficient inventory of semi-finished products and accessories, and the delivery time is faster than other models, and meanwhile, KEMOLO is one of the main manufacturers and suppliers of this industrial freeze-drying machine, enough stock is necessary.

Advantages of freeze-dried products

Freeze-drying is indispensable for the production of biological products and pharmaceuticals. There is no alternative equipment. Biological products must retain biological activity. Only lyophilization can retain biological activity. Pharmaceutical products, to retain the medical effects of pharmacy, only freeze-drying technology can be used. In recent years, freeze-drying technology has been widely used in the food industry because freeze-dried foods are natural, healthy, and stored for a long time without losing nutrients.

Price of freeze-drying machine

The price of industrial freeze-drying machine is relatively not cheap, because the cost of industrial freeze-drying machine is high. To get the price of an industrial freeze-drying machine, do not hesitate to contact us. As a high-technology drying equipment, the freeze-drying machine has a higher investment and a higher return on investment. The price of freeze-dried products is also profitable.

Freeze-drying machine selection

Freeze-drying machine is a kind of professional equipment. Unlike general machinery, you can buy it from an agent, distributor, or trader. For freeze-drying machine, you'd better buy it directly from a professional manufacturer. Which is the best freeze dryer? A professional manufacturer with reasonable price. Be sure to avoid this type of companies: 1. Produce food machinery and sell freeze-drying machines; not a real manufacturer of freeze-drying machines. 2. Assemble refrigeration equipment, sell freeze dryers, not a real manufacturer of freeze dryers either. 3. Produce cold storage and occasionally assemble freeze dryers. These three types of companies are not professional freeze-drying machine manufacturers. The equipment reliability of from those companies are incomparable with a professional freeze-drying machine manufacturer.

As a main freeze-drying machine manufacturer in the world, KEMOLO provides medium, large and huge complete freeze-drying production lines for global users. Wide voltage and dual frequency can meet the needs of users all over the world.

Freeze-drying machine, the only product of KEMOLO, is more stable and reliable. One of KEMOLO's important goals is to save energy as much as possible to help users save energy costs.

Application range of KEMOLO freeze-drying machine:

Mainly food, biological products, extracts, etc. There are thousands of specific products.

The composition of freeze drying machine.

The FD-1000 freeze drying machine is composed of SUS304 stainless steel chamber, SUS304 stainless steel head, SUS304 stainless steel flange, SUS304 stainless steel vapor condenser, SUS304 stainless steel pipes; refrigeration system, vacuum system, heating system, control system. Large scale freeze-drying machine comes with quick freezer, trolley and rail for product pre-freezing and fast loading and unloading. For small freeze drying machine, the whole process is in the freeze dryer chamber.