FD-750 Freeze Dryer

FD-750 industrial freeze dryer is suitable for freeze drying any food materials. Shelf area: 75m2, fresh raw material loading capacity 750kg/batch. The main application of KEMOLO industrial freeze dryer is in food and biological industries.

  • Model:: FD-750
  • Input capacity:: 750kg/batch
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FD-750 industrial freeze dryer

Industrial freeze dryer is a kind of radiant freeze dryer, which transfers more uniformly and more efficiently than conductive freeze dryer. Therefore, industrial freeze dryers have higher production efficiency. In other words, it can save more time for freeze-drying production. This type of heat transfer technology is widely used in large industrial freeze dryers and suitable for projects with sufficient budget.

FD-750 industrial freeze dryer is especially suitable for food. The shelf area is 75m2, and the processing capacity of fresh raw materials is 750kg/batch. The main features of this freeze dryer are short length (only 5.8 meters), large diameter, and small installation area. If your factory is small and the installation area is limited, you can consider installing multiple industrial freeze dryers of this model.

Advantages of freeze-dried products

The cost of freeze-drying is higher than that of ordinary drying, so why choose freeze-drying? Because freeze-drying cannot be replaced. The color and shape of freeze-dried products will not change, but the quality of ordinary dried products is very poor. Freeze-dried products retain 99% nutrition, and ordinary dried products lose nutrition seriously.

The price of industrial freeze dryer

The price of industrial freeze dryers is not cheap, because industrial freeze dryers are composed of many systems, and the cost is very high. Freeze dryers are divided into food freeze dryers and pharmaceutical freeze dryers. If you are consulting the price of a pharmaceutical freeze dryer, the price will be very expensive.

How to choose a suitable industrial freeze dryer?

First of all, what is the purpose to buy a freeze dryer? Freeze dry food, extract; or freeze-dry pharmaceutical product? Food freeze drying requires the use of a food freeze dryer. To freeze dry pharmaceutical product, a pharmaceutical freeze-drying machine is needed. How to choose the right supplier of industrial freeze dryer? Manufacturers are preferred, not trading companies or other non-professional manufacturers, such as food machinery companies or refrigeration equipment companies.

Features of industrial freeze dryer

1. Large processing capacity; suitable for large-scale production;

2. The radiant freeze-drying equipment transfers heat uniformly and has high efficiency;

The large-scale radiant freeze dryer is equipped with a quick-freezer, which can freeze the products in advance, which can save 3-4 hours of freezing time. The large-scale radiant freeze dryer is equipped with rails and trolleys, and is very convenient for loading and unloading. In the front of radiant freeze-drying production lines, those small conductive freeze-drying machines have no advantage.

The main application of KEMOLO industrial freeze dryer:

KEMOLO is one of the main manufacturers of freeze drying equipment. The only product of KEMOLO is freeze dryer. KEMOLO's main product is large industrial freeze dryer with CE, ISO9001, EAC, ASME certificates, and have been exported to more than 40 countries by the end of 2020, including many well-known companies. When purchasing industrial freeze dryers, KEMOLO will be your best choice.