FD-500 Freeze Dryer

FD-500 radiant freeze dryer is suitable for freeze drying solid food materials. Features of radiant freeze dryer; Advantages of radiant freeze dryer; The main application of KEMOLO radiant freeze dryer: food industry.

  • Model:: FD-500
  • Input capacity:: 500kg/batch
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FD-500 radiant freeze dryer

Starting from the FD-500, all freeze dryers are radiant freeze dryers, and are of a split structure, that is to say, the freeze dryer chamber and the support system are separated, which requires a larger installation area. Radiant freeze dryers can be used to freeze dry various products, especially food. The shelf area is 50m2, and the processing capacity of fresh raw materials is 500kg/batch. This is a small radiant freeze dryer. If your installation area is small, you can consider multiple small freeze dryers. This model can be loaded into a 40-foot high container, which can save a lot of shipping costs. KEMOLO is one of the main manufacturers and suppliers of industrial-grade freeze dryers. The design of KEMOLO freeze dryers fully takes into account international transportation, international installation and other factors.

The radiant freeze dryer is a new type of freeze dryer. Compared with the traditional conductive freeze dryer, its heat transfer is more uniform and the heat transfer efficiency is higher. In this way, the production efficiency of the radiant freeze dryer is higher. In other words, its production time will be shorter.

Moreover, all radiant freeze dryers are large, and there are also small and medium-sized ones. Radiant freeze dryer means that its heat transfer method is radiant heat transfer, rather than contact conduction heat transfer. The radiant heating plate is made of materials with high heat transfer efficiency. It has no direct contact with food, so it will not cause any contamination to food.

The price of radiant freeze dryer and the price of freeze-dried food

Radiant freeze dryers use high-efficiency energy-saving heating panels, and the material price is relatively cheap, because the price of radiant freeze dryers is also relatively economical. The price of freeze-dried food is also different because of the price of raw materials. Freeze-dried food is still the highest-end dry food, the price is very good, the wholesale price is about US$50,000/ton.

The choice of freeze dryer

There are contact freeze dryers, radiant freeze dryers, as well as silicone oil heat conduction, resistance wire heating, and hot water heating. How to choose a freeze dryer? Usually contact type with silicone oil heat conduction, often used in biomedical products; radiant type with hot water heating, usually used for food. The resistance wire heating is equipped on the home freeze dryer, as a household appliance product, rather than an industrial-grade production equipment.

Features of radiant freeze dryer

1. The radiant freeze-drying equipment transfers heat evenly

2. The radiant freeze dryer has high heat transfer efficiency

3. The radiant freeze dryer is pollution-free

4. Radiant freeze dryer is suitable for large-scale production

Advantages of radiant freeze dryer

Radiant freeze dryers are more efficient than ordinary freeze dryers, and it can save many hours of production time, and have a high return on investment. Radiant freeze-drying production lines will replace small freeze-drying plants. Freeze-drying is the mainstream direction of food production in the future. The use of a food freeze dryer can produce 100% pure natural food without additives; it can produce food without nutrient loss; freeze-dried food can be stored for a longer time.

The main application of KEMOLO radiant freeze dryer:

KEMOLO radiant freeze dryer is a medium or large industrial freeze dryer. The main application product is food freeze drying. Including: a variety of foods, solid foods, liquid foods; also health care products, extracts, etc. If you want freeze-dried food, especially fruits, vegetables, cooked food, meat, fish and shrimp, etc., the radiant freeze dryer is the best choice.