FD-100 Freeze Dryer

FD-100 vacuum freeze dryer is suitable for food lyophilization, 100kg/batch. Freeze dryer is also called vacuum freeze dryer, vacuum lyophilizer or vacuum lyophilization machine/equipment. Technical advantages of the vacuum freeze dryer; The main application and features of KEMOLO vacuum freeze dryer

  • Model:: FD-100
  • Input capacity:: 100kg/batch
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FD-100 vacuum freeze dryer

FD-100 The vacuum freeze dryer has a wide range of applicability and can be used to freeze-dry various raw materials, including various solid or liquid substances such as food and biopharmaceutical. Its shelf area is 10m2, fresh raw material loading capacity 100kg/batch. This is a small and best-selling vacuum freeze dryer. Compared with the home freeze dryer, it is a large vacuum freeze dryer. This small vacuum freeze dryer is an ideal choice for new companies. . It does not require many employees to build a freeze-dried food factory. KEMOLO is one of the best options for this type of industrial-grade vacuum freeze dryer, as KEMOLO is one of the main manufacturers and suppliers in this field.

Freeze dryer is also called vacuum freeze dryer, vacuum lyophilizer or vacuum lyophilization machine/equipment. Why is this? Because freeze-drying is sublimation drying, sublimation must occur in a low-pressure environment. Therefore, through the vacuum chamber, the environmental pressure is reduced, thus creating freeze-drying conditions. Therefore, freeze-drying is vacuum freeze-drying.

Features of freeze-dried products

Freeze drying has many incomparable advantages over ordinary drying. First of all, freeze drying is sublimation, not ordinary evaporative drying. The product is dehydrated at ultra-low temperature and freeze-dried in a vacuum chamber. In this way, the freeze-dried product has no color or shape change, and the most important thing is to retain nutrients.

The price of vacuum freeze dryers and the price of freeze-dried food

The price of a vacuum freeze dryer varies with the type and size of the machine. The small-scale household freeze-drying machine has simple structure, few materials and low price. Industrial vacuum freeze dryers are heavy-duty equipment with high strength, complete functions, and relatively inexpensive prices. The wholesale price of freeze-dried food is US$30-60/kg.

The selection of vacuum freeze dryer

There are many types of vacuum freeze dryers on the market, some are light and some are heavy. The choice of vacuum freeze dryer needs to be selected according to your use, processing capacity and budget. If you need to use a vacuum freeze dryer to start a company, then KEMOLO's full range of freeze dryers are an ideal choice. As a manufacturer of heavy-duty industrial-grade vacuum freeze dryers, KEMOLO only produces this kind of equipment, and its professional capabilities are much stronger than those of food companies and refrigeration companies.

Technical advantages of vacuum freeze dryer

Vacuum freeze-drying is a low-temperature dehydration technology. This kind of machine needs to be refrigerated to maintain low temperature, and vacuum to maintain low pressure and oxygen-free. During the vacuum freeze-drying process, the color, shape and nutrition of the food can be preserved. The vacuum freeze dryer has high technical content and high manufacturing cost, so the price of the freeze dryer is not cheap.

Application fields of vacuum freeze dryer:

Different types of vacuum freeze dryers have different application fields. Pharmaceutical freeze dryers are used in the production of medicines; food freeze dryers are used in industrial or commercial-grade, large-scale food freeze-drying plants.